Code of Conduct & Safety

In the interest of safety, risk management and code of conduct it is expected that you & your family respect and abide by the following club rules:


Always wear the appropriate riding and safety gear.
Always ride with a partner for safety in case of an accident.
Ride slow within the grassed open parking areas in the vicinity of the club house.
Place all your rubbish in the bins provided.
Follow the marked arrows on the loops and keep to the one way traffic direction.
Remain within the club boundaries.
Respect the current FIRE rulings for the day.
Only ride if you are a current paid member (no visiting riders are permitted).
Follow direction from club executive and club subcommittee members whilst riding on club grounds, these members will be wearing Fluro Vests.


Bring Dogs to the TMCC grounds, Dogs are not permitted in the club grounds (visual impaired exempt).
Ride up & down the main entry roadway and Kherim road into the TMCC grounds, this is a vehicle access road only. Please keep young children off these roads.
Double other people on bikes.
Ride around the new club house is out of bounds to motorcycles.
Ride Adult sized Quads on club grounds. A separate area for Quads is being developed.
Ride after prolonged wet weather on the club grounds.
Enter the grounds illegally. Especially in a 4WD –  all trespassing will be reported to Police.

There will be increased security & presence during 2015, so please be sure that your membership stickers are clearly visible and the above expectations are adhered to for yours and everyone’s safety and for the continued success of the TMCC.

Safe riding,

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