Memberships are open.

TMCC Normal Membership Fees:
Single $195.80 inc GST
Family $266.20 inc GST

TMCC Year Plus Membership Fees (October Until End of Year):
(This is applied after October)
Single $231.90 inc GST
Family $346.54 inc GST
*Includes remainder of the year and the year following periods.

Please follow the link below to complete your membership application.

Please note: Family membership is for family members that are on the same Medicare Card i.e. Mum, Dad and dependent children. Checks will be conducted regularly on membership applications.
*Family membership does not include children over 18
Children that are over 18 are required to have their own membership, if your child turns 18 and you are already a member from the year previous, then they will need to obtain their own membership.

Membership runs from the 1st of January to 31st December regardless of when you join

Register now

Members Portal After registration you will get access to the members portal emailed to you. This will include your login details. From there you can update your main information, your photo and accept the terms and conditions for family members.

Members Portal

Members FAQ's

Example Parking Permit To Display On Car Dash

 Membership Card Example
The TMCC grounds are open only for Current TMCC members.
Proof of membership will be required and this can be done with the membership card or your TMCC Dash Licence.

For insurance purposes, non financial members will be asked to leave.
For further enquires about membership Click Here

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