About TMCC

The club is over 500 acres of bushland located near Murphy's Creek at the base of the Toowoomba range, with more land purchased and opening soon.
We are a club in the true sense of the word, run by members for the members.
TMCC offers affordable riding all year round for single riders and families, we charge one membership fee that allows you to ride whenever you want while the club is open, camp on the beautiful club grounds, and join in on our event days.

The club is open everyday, but it does get closed during large event days, or when conditions are too severe, ie rain.

TMCC also participates and runs regular trail ride events such as The Murphys Creek Trail Ride, Blackbutt Trail Ride, Wellcamp Trail Ride and more.
We work closely with MQ promoting, organizing and sponsoring events.

We are completely run by our volunteers, who put in their time to contribute to our club, keep it running and constantly growing.

TMCC holds regular working bee's where we ask all members to participate when they can, this ensures that our grounds and trails are always in great condition, ready to ride. By doing this we are able to save our members the thousands of dollars it would cost to ride at a "Ride Park" all year round.
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When you become a TMCC member, we ask you to look after "Your" club and grounds as you become part of a family of deticated people who love their sport.


The Toowoomba Motorcycle Club was formed in 1911 and has the distinction of being the first Motorcycle Club of its type in Queensland, and one of the first in Australia. In 1924 Club Member Phil Stewart suggested the forming of a governing body to oversee motorcycling competitions. The Toowoomba Club invited all other Queensland Clubs to meet at Spicers Gap. At this meeting the Auto Cycle Union of Queensland now known as Motorcycling Queensland was formed.

Club activities in the early days were confined to Reliability Trials and mile track racing. When a reliability trial was being contested the whole town and the city band would turn out to welcome the competitor’s home, as the events took days to complete. In 1965 while riding around Postman’s Ridge area Club Members found a site to build a Short Circuit track. The Club approached the land owner Dan Connole to see if the Club could use his land. Dan agreed and Toowoomba Club built a track, it was from here the Club ran many short circuit events. In 1967 and 1970 the Club conducted the Queensland Short Circuit Championships. Due to its excellent location next to a creek, in 1968 the Club conducted the first Queensland Observed Trials Championships.

The area around Connole Park, as it became known, was also an excellent site to conduct scramble events and in 1969 the Club conducted the Queensland Scrambles Championships. The Scrambles track incorporated two creek crossings, and these became favourite spectator spots.

In 1974 after club members competed in an International Moto Cross meeting at Nerang on the Gold Coast, Lester Wilkinson approached the Club with his ideas on how the Club could conduct a large scale Moto Cross meeting. During this period the Club produced many excellent riders who excelled in all disciplines of motorcycle competition from Speedway to Road Racing.

Rod Pugh as well as being a member of our Club, was also a Life Member of the Toowoomba Auto Club the owners of Echo Valley. Rod took a proposal to the Auto Club which they accepted and in February 1975 the Club was given a lease by the Toowoomba Auto Club to conduct Moto Cross at Echo Valley. The inaugural Mountain Man Moto cross was run on the 25th May 1975. From these humble beginnings the Club started building what would be regarded at the time as the best MX track in Australia, and the names of the Toowoomba Motorcycle Club and Mountain Man Motocross would go onto the annals of Australian Moto Cross history. The club ran Mountain Man over a 15 year period, and it was during this golden period the Club also ran the then “single event” Australian MX Titles in 1982, and from 1984 to 1988 ran the Queensland round of the legendary Mr Moto Cross series.
In 1980 the Club built the Control Tower which incorporated a canteen, toilets, viewing platform as well as an enclosed lap scorer’s area which at the time was regarded as leading edge.

During this period the Club also actively promoted Rounds of the State Enduro and Pony Express Series, as well as Observed Trials and Road Bike Rallies. Over the years Club members were very successful in both Enduros and Observed Trials.
Nationally the Club was highly regarded and were considered as the leaders in Moto Cross innovation and promotion and were so highly regarded that promoters invited the Club to run various International and National Motocross and Supercross events at Tivoli, Archerfield and Lismore.

In 1988 the Club was invited to conduct the Final Motocross and provide officials at the inaugural International Four Day Enduro (I4DE) at Corborld Park Caloundra. Even though the Club last ran Mountain Man Motocross at Echo Valley in 1989, the Toowoomba Motocross Club (no affiliation to the Toowoomba Motorcycle Club) is now the host Club at Echo Valley. In 1992 we were invited to conducted the final motocross and provide officials for the Australian Four Day Enduro (A4DE) at Woodhill, and later that year we were invited by the late John Hall the Clerk of Course for the International Six Day Enduro (ISDE) to set up and conduct the Final Moto Cross test at Cessnock. At the time the ISDE final motocross was the largest international motocross ever held in Australia.

The Club now mainly consists of ex Moto Cross and Enduro riders who have registered Enduro bikes, and we are looking for more members. The Club now owns 250 acres of land located at Murphys Creek for which is available for club members to ride. In the past we have had fully supported Club trail rides to Double Island point travelling via the State forest areas at Blackbutt, Kenilworth, Imbil and the Great Sandy National Park. We have travelled to Woodenbong in Northern NSW for 2-day Club supported rides, and members have recently travelled as far as Mt Buller and Cape York.

We also travel as a group to some of the Darling Downs trail rides which are supported by Dalby Moto. In the future we are planning to have members undertake Qld Ambulance first aid courses to ensure the safety of our members. As we are affiliated with Motorcycling Queensland, any larger open rides we obtain MQ permits. The Club also has links with Australian Motorcycle Search and Rescue (AMSAR). If you are keen to join us we have Club meetings see our Club meeting time table.

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