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We have had several members ask why our security is case sensitive, has such difficult passwords and what is that I'm not a robot all about?

Security Explained
Firstly the reason for our high security is to ensure the data stays safe and hackers cannot get into our system. On average most popular websites are hit 3 to 4 times a day by hackers trying to break in.
TMCC is no exception to this and our online defense is working to keep them away.

We use some of the most secure servers in the world with constant updates and patches being applied to keep ahead of the Robots and hackers out there.

Our site is rate "A" for security, and we do not take data security lightly.

Case Sensitive
The passwords are case sensitive, this is to make it even harder for hackers to guess what the password is. The combination of letters and numerals do make it harder for dictionary bots to break in, but using capital letters has increased         the odds by two fold.

We also use a 3 attempt policy where if after 3 attempts you have not gained entry you will be locked out until you close your browser and try again.
This ensure's dictionary bots cannot just keep trying to get in.

Difficult Passwords
This is pretty simple, the harder the password, the harder to break it, passwords like "password123" are not acceptable and will be broken by a hacker in seconds.

I'm Not A Robot
This is far more sophisticated than it looks, Google provides this security function to Google Developers so we are able to lock sites down and block hackers before they start.

This function comes from Google in real time, and they know where you have been along with what you have been doing in most cases, so Google knows before you even get there if you are a potential hacker.
This is when you will be blocked!
If you get the quiz, its usually because you have tried several times to get in, or google cannot ascertain who you are.

All up our security measures are in place to protect your data, so to help with logging in, cut and paste your username and password from your members email after signup.

Our most regular error is capital letters and using an "l" (letter L) instead of a "1" (Number One).

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