Club News

Desktop Backgrounds
We have added some images designed to work on your PC or laptop as a background. If you are like us and want to be reminded of what a great place TMCC is, set yours up.
More to come in the futre: Click here to view.
Thanks to Troy Pears Photography

Signup FAQ's
TMCC has put together some answers to common questions with the members signup, if you would like to know more about our membership and the process, follow the link below.
Click here For Signup FAQ's
These will continue to be updated as questions arise

Check out our new Code of Conduct video for the club on Youtube! Click here to view.

New Members Portal and Signup
We have just released our new members system which includes a members portal so you can login and manage your family members (family memberships) or single membership details.
The new portal allows for updating of your details and printing of your Members Card and Dash Licence.
From 2017 onwards it is a requirement that you upload a passport photo for each family member, and agree to the club terms and conditions, including the TMCC Code of Conduct.